Jennifer Estes
Jan 21, 2022
Photo by the author, Oktoberfest 2019

He is gone.

I am all alone.

I have to accept that I will never see him again as he was.

Energy cannot be created; energy cannot be destroyed.

Energy only changes form.

He is still here.

He is here in another form.

He speaks to me. I hear him. But I question.

My mind tells me he is gone.

My heart tells me he is here.

My soul has ripped apart as I cry out for him.

Come back to me, Tom, I need you, please come back.

I am alone…so alone.

I hear with my heart; I am right here, and I never left.



Jennifer Estes

I am a widow, a mortician, a mom, and grandma. I write about grief, caregiving, substance use disorder, and the death care industry.