Luna, The Traveling Kitty Cat!

She is four years old and in that short span, she has stayed in three different Airbnbs, had two stays in a cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon, gone on a fishing trip to Flaming Gorge, and taken a total of nine road trips.

Jennifer Estes
3 min readAug 23, 2022


Photo by the author, Luna in the motorhome

Luna’s first trip was right after we adopted her. She was only about 8 weeks old and we had a family vacation planned to fly to California, so we sent her to stay with Ann in her cabin up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Luna enjoyed watching many hummingbirds come to feed in the feeders Ann had spread all over her large porch.

She never showed any fear in the car so when Tom wanted to go fishing, which we did all the time, I said “let’s take Luna!” Our fishing trips were actually floating down the river, Tom in his one-man pontoon boat fishing as he floated, and me in my one-man pontoon boat taking pictures, drinking a beer or wine, and enjoying the sights, and sounds, and smells. I didn’t subject Luna to the float though, we left her in the motorhome while we floated. I was too afraid it would be too much for her.

Photo by the author, Luna watching daddy fish the bank of The Provo River

The next summer when Tom needed more brain surgery at The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, we sent her back with Ann for 3 weeks. Back to the cozy cabin up in the canyon. Except, I was miserable! I felt as though I had abandoned her. I called Ann on Facetime so I could have a video chat with my Luna many times. When we arrived home, I told Tom never again.

Over the next year, we made four more trips to Phoenix and back as well as a family trip to Moab. Luna sitting on our laps, on her pillow, or on the console between us, patiently waiting to arrive at our destination.

Then there was the trip from Phoenix, following the ambulance that carried Tom (daddy) from the Mayo Hospital to home in Utah. We followed Luna and me, praying the whole way that he would survive the trip. Praying to not lose sight of them if they got a little too far ahead of us.

Then there was one last trip to Phoenix, to pack up and move everything from our…



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